A rich feature set to broaden and improve communication to your audience

Kanzi features are growing, If there is anything you would like to see included in the Kanzi feature set get in touch with us and let us know.

Drag and drop

Users can drag and drop the player around the page to any suitable location.

Flexible customisations

Kanzi offers a range of settings so you can customise your player to suit your project’s needs and design.


Kanzi can be restricted to selected domains or app builds to control access to the tool.

Track your usage

The Kanzi console provides real-time updates of your usage. You can also generate reports to monitor and manage your usage of the tool.

Cost-effective pricing

Kanzi offers both tiered pricing and pay as you go. All options are based on usage, this maps the number of characters translated, spoken or the number of PDFs generated so you only pay for what you use. For tiered pricing, you can cap your usage to keep within your budget. There is also a free tier available for low usage.

Manage multiple projects

For users requiring Kanzi on multiple projects and websites. For each project, Kanzi can be customised, managed and billed independently.

Mobile friendly

Kanzi is compatible for both desktop and mobile.

Language appropriate voices

Kanzi provides a selection of natural-sounding voices for each language in different genders and ages.

Multiple languages

Kanzi has over 20 configurable languages available.

Multilingual pdf generation

Convert any page into a PDF to be viewed online or downloaded in your chosen language.

Speech & tracking highlighting

Speech and text are synchronised where each word is highlighted as it is spoken across the page.

Instant text-to-speech

Select the speech button for instant text-to-speech in your chosen language.

Instant page translation

Select your preferred language for instant online translation.