Frequently asked questions

Find answers to general configuration, billing and security questions

Our FAQs provides answers to commonly asked questions, if there is anything else you need to know use the online chat feature or send us an email via our contact form


Can I change my plan?

Yes, there is an option to change your plan on the Kanzi dashboard/console. You can also cancel your plan at any stage without any penalty and just pay for your current usage or tier.

How much does Kanzi cost?

Kanzi pricing changes depending on the usage of the tool. Please see the Kanzi Pricing page for more information on pricing.

What services are available under the free usage tier?

Text-to-speech, translation and print to PDF services are all available under the free usage tier but with restrictions to certain features and are for low use only. The Kanzi Pricing page contains detailed information on the free usage limits.

Can I get a refund?

Yes, we will refund your current billing cycle on request.

Do I have to set up different billing accounts for each project?

Yes, if you set up different projects on the Kanzi console. Each project will have a separate plan so you can track and bill each project independently.

Do I have to pay for all three services – Translate, Speech and print to PDF?

No, you can configure all or individually. You can switch services on and off within the payment term and only pay for what you use or the tier you started on.


Can you delete a project on the Kanzi console?

Yes, you can. When viewing all projects on your dashboard, select the setting button on the top right of the project card. An options bar will be revealed on the right of the screen giving you options to modify your project information as well as deleting the project. CAUTION: once deleted you will not be able to access the project or configure any Kanzi plugins used within the project. The subscription will be cancelled, and any project tools rendered inactive.

How do I delete my account?

You can delete your account via your profile. Using the icon in the top right select profile, then within profile select preferences and then delete. CAUTION: once deleted you will not be able to access the console or configure your Kanzi plugin.

Is there a way for me to test Kanzi without registering an account?

No, you must register with Kanzi first before using the tool. We do offer a free tier for low usage, so you can test out Kanzi at no cost.

How can I keep track of my usage?

You can track your usage through the Kanzi console. Just login to your account, select your project and you will be taken to your project’s dashboard. Your real-time usage is displayed on the top right of the dashboard under Translate, Speech and PDF. You can also use the reporting section to get a more in-depth view of what languages and services are receiving higher use and the most popular content in your project.

What is “Neural Text-To-Speech”?

Neural TTS is very high-quality speech, enabling crisp, natural and human-like voices. Where standard TTS strings together the phonemes of recorded speech Neural TTS converts a sequence of phonemes into a sequence of spectrograms and then applies uses a vocoder to convert the spectrograms in a continuous audio signal. This is made possible through the use of large data sets and provides a more natural-sounding voice.

Where can I use Kanzi?

Kanzi can be used on any desktop or mobile device. It can be used for any online content on your website or app.

What languages are available?

Users have access to over 20 available languages: Arabic, Welsh, Danish, German, English, Spanish, French, Hindi, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russia, Swedish, Turkish, Vietnamese and Chinese. If you would prefer to limit the languages within your project, you can configure the tool to only translate configured languages. If the language isn't available, get in touch with us and request it. The Kanzi team are here to make sure the tool provides the right features for your project.

What is text-to-speech?

Text-to-speech is where written text is converted into computer-generated speech. It is a useful tool for anyone who requires a more flexible way of engaging and understanding content as well as anyone with reading difficulties.